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Become A Cutting Edge AI Growth Marketer At Ad Alchemy And
Earn A Top Lawyers Salary From Your Own Home...

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

- Work With Impactful E-commerce, Online Education & Info Product Companies like Teal Swan, Mindvalley, Masterclass, etc.
- $100.000+ Per Year Earning Potential
- Promotion Potential (CMO, COO, etc.)
- Remote Work
- Startup Spirit

If you are a fiercely ambitious E-learning/Info product Marketer then reading this post might be the best decision you make all day.
To date, we’ve profitably generated over $102M for our partners.

First and foremost this number means impact to me.

My personal mission is to raise the collective consciousness of humanity by transforming the education system because it’s the single biggest lever to create change in the world.

That’s why we here at Ad Alchemy are dedicated to become the most effective and impactful marketing machine with utmost transparency and integrity.

Marketing and branding shapes our culture, its raw power. Unfortunately, it usually appeals to or exploids our most primal needs to sell sh*t no one needs...

On the other hand, if harnessed with transparency and integrity, it gives you the ability to spread love and wisdom through products, services, and charities that are a net positive for humanity.

We hold ourselves to a high standard.

Client results are our #1 priority, that’s why we are not just taking full responsibility for the ad account but also for everything that happens within the entire sales funnel, including creatives, offer creation, industry research, email marketing, landing pages, etc.

Now, we’re in the process of aggressively ramping this up but are about to hit max. capacity. To ensure we can continue to onboard new clients and increase our impact, I am looking for top-tier talent to join Ad Alchemy.

We will show you our strategies and systems so you can rise to the highest ranks of Marketing in no time, but you must be able to hit the ground running. We are only looking for people who are experienced and confident in their abilities.

Who You’ll Work With:
We value proactiveness, resourcefulness, and contagious cheerfulness. You will enter a culture that is insanely driven to go above and beyond every time because the better you perform the more you get paid on top of your salary.

Therefore, this is a full-time position that will require your entire focus once you have completed the initial 90 day training period. But it won't stop there, you have to keep learning and bringing new ideas to the table. It's all about non-stop innovation. We really want you to become a master at your craft!

Within 6 months, career progression opportunities will start to open up (CMO, COO, etc.)

Similar to us, our clients are typically young, open-minded, and eager to push the boundaries. So you must be able to integrate into our culture and build genuine relationships with our clients because our key focus is client satisfaction/retention.

Last but not least, you will be provided with all the training and books you might want as well as an Oura Ring so you can improve your sleep.
Ad Alchemy also donates over 10% of profits to charities all around the globe which we are planning to visit on company trips.

If you resonate with this invitation and are exhilarated to deliver unmatched results for amazing companies click the "APPLY NOW" button below!

Eric ✌🏽

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